Came across this article on the web the other day  and some interesting points made here and like most articles Рsome I agree with and some I disagree with. I certainly agree we should not damage the environment or the landscape that we capture in any way.

I don’t agree with concept that adding a leaf or removing a dead branch is deceiving my viewers. It is no different to choosing the right lens or aperture as some photographers have already pointed out. Photography is art and whether it is nature, landscape, portrait or tabletop photography, the artist (photographer) applies his artistic interpretation of the scene. With the ready availability of post production editing, I believe that most landscape photographs are “not real” – after all what is real? On saying that I would never go as far as cutting down a tree to improve the captured image. Most landscapes that I have seen are not the pristine perfectly composed images are mother nature has no concept of composition.

If Spencer’s article intention was to create some thought and discussion about the subject – it has certainly achieved that and it made me think which can only be a good thing. Thought I would pass it on for others to think about.

The Ethics of Landscape Photography

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