This quote by Ken Rockwell sums up my perspective on photography “I’m creating art. I’m not trying to duplicate reality. Photography has never been able to duplicate reality, and if it could, it’s not art.” I enjoy creating images in the camera and in the computer using visible and invisible light. Recently changing to Sony mirrorless DSLR cameras (three specifically converted for infrared imagery).


My mind is continually active creating practical and artistic ideas and process. I recognise that this creativity is a strength but as with all strengths, it is also a weakness. Because my mind is continually thinking about practical and artistic subjects, it often means that I do not spend enough time time fine tuning the idea before another idea is created.


My photographic interests reflect this creativity which is wide and varied from visible to invisible light, from pre to post exoposure processing and from colour to monochrome. I have been a photographer for more than 20 years. Initially focussing on pictorial slide photography where I won many awards. Once digital photography started to develop, Mark’s interest in photography was re-ignited. Digital photography was an excellent opportunity to combine his creative and computer skills with his passion for photography.


A return to university to study for a MBA meant that photography took a back seat for several years. In 2010 Mark moved to Ballina and purchased Ballina Art & Framing to compliment his photographic interests. Mark has experimented with infrared photography over the last few years culminating in a successful exhibition at the Tweed Gallery in 2012. Since then I have won several photographic awards.